Tee Pledge

Creating tee's for causes

  • We will work with you and help create a design should you need us too or you could simply use your logo.


  • Once the designs are confirmed and the lifestyle images have been created we will then design your very own page on Tee Pledge


  • You will then share the link with your followers on your social media


  • We will print, pack and send direct from here


  • We will then send the funds to your bank each Friday of the week or at the end of each month how ever you prefer.


W H A T   W E   D O

Because we truly care, we want to help  you make a difference around the world.  Our team work for you and listen to what you want from your promo shop page. Not only will we help you raise funds but also just as importantly 'awareness'

Having a background in the world of clothing, branding and advertising, we realised fashion can help create awareness globally and a strong design becomes a talking point with friends, family, co-workers and also that passing stranger.


We look at various charities to work with, raising funds to give them the support they may need in time of a crisis, we consider a wide range of causes so never hesitate to contact us, lets see if we can help raise funding.

W H O  W E  A R E

W H Y  C H O O S E  U S



Tee Pledge help you create your very own merchandise for your charity or cause. Your very own shop page without any outlay.


We print, pack and post then simply send you the funds, simple! Just how we like it!


Its that simple, the core feature of working with us is that you have no outlay what so ever, no need to buy in bulk so all important funding stays with the charity.


The other key feature with using Tee Pledge is you can chose to have your page as a flash limited time only promotion or have it running as your online store for as long as you like.


We will never charge you a penny at any given point, so if you are a charity looking to raise vital funding and help spread awareness for your cause then drop us line, Steph will be your contact and is on hand throughout every process.


[email protected]


Tee Pledge is part of the Peach Branding Group